My Fellow Americans is a great, uplifting experience that is easy to read. It really reminds us not only of the impact that the presidents had on the Boy Scouts of America but also the impact that Scouting had on them. We certainly evolved together as our nation went through its challenging moments.
Gary Butler- Deputy Chief Scout Executive/COO, Boy Scouts of America

My Fellow Americans is an easy to read primer full of fascinating historical anecdotes, excellent pictures, and smart prose. Every family should own a copy.
Douglas Brinkley- New York Times bestselling author

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My Fellow Americans: Scouting, Diversity, and the U.S. Presidency

by David C. Scott

My Fellow Americans is the perfect companion for every proud citizen who seeks a better understanding of how BSA successfully shaped and developed over 115 million duty-driven and service-oriented young people during the past century through its unique and influential partnership with nineteen consecutive presidents of the United States.

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