book_four-percentFour Percent

by Michael S. Malone

Four Percent is one of the most complete histories of the Boy Scouts of America ever written and the first to focus on the remarkable story of Eagle Scouts. Award-winning author Michael S. Malone, himself an Eagle, brings the eye of a veteran journalist to a story that for too long has been wrapped in myth and prejudice and uncovers one of the most important, but least celebrated, movements in modern American history.

Four Percent is more than just a history of the Eagle Scout rank, but also the story of many Eagles a President of the United States, dozens of astronauts (including Neil Armstrong), Medal of Honor recipients, Nobel prize winning scientists, authors, movie stars, titans of industry, Senators, Congressmen and Governors, civil rights leaders, and community activists who have transformed the face of America over the last century.

One of Malone’s major contributions in this book is his discovery that the community service project requirement for the Eagle rank has resulted in the great youth service initiative in history: more than 100 million hours devoted to improving the nation s communities and neighborhoods.

Filled with vivid historic anecdotes, compelling profiles, and surprising facts, Malone has brought to Four Percent the eye of a world-class writer, the insider experience of being an Eagle Scout himself, and the objectivity of a career journalist, to produce the best book ever about America s Eagles and perhaps even about Boy Scouting itself.

Awards List

  • 2013 Best Book Awards, USA Book News (FINALIST, Biography-Historical)
  • 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards (FINALIST, History)
  • 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards (WINNER, Historical Biography)
  • 2013 International Book Awards (WINNER, U.S. History)
  • 2012 Best Books Awards, USA Book News (WINNER, Non-fiction eBook)


“FOUR PERCENT is a must read not only for young men but also for those who love them.” – Dr. Robert Ballard, Oceanographer and World Explorer

”[Malone] wrote how the image of Eagle Scouts has risen over the decades…I could not agree more.”Robert J. Mazzuca, Chief Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of America (Ret.)

FOUR PERCENT will be inspiring to any Scout who is moving along the Trail to Eagle, but especially, I think, to his parents who dream of pinning the Eagle Scout badge on their son’s tunic.” – John W. Ingram, Magazine Circulation Manager, Boy Scouts of America (Ret.)

“FOUR PERCENT is the best, and most honest, book ever written about the Boy Scouts of America.” Tom Hayes, The Huffington Post

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book_where-carWhere Character is Caught

by David C. Scott

Capturing the thrill and essence of a century of membership in Circle Ten Council, Where Character is Caught tells the fascinating story of how the national Scouting movement became an unstoppable phenomenon across North Texas.

From its humble beginnings that boasted a mere four Scouts in Dallas in November 1910, Circle Ten Council grew to over 50,000 members a century later. And from those dedicated Scouts have come millions of service hours performed within our 12-county region. From anti-polio campaigns and war bond solicitations to get-out-the-vote drives and food collections, “Do a Good Turn Daily” is more than just the Boy Scout slogan —it’s a way of life for the young men and women across Circle Ten Council.

Where Character is Caught tells not only the story of how local Scouting expanded over the decades through generous donations of time, talent, and treasure but also how Circle Ten Council made a difference in the lives of millions of young people that embraced Scouting’s values, making them better American citizens.

It’s more than a book – It’s an Experience.

Awards List

  • 2013 Best Book Awards, USA Book News (WINNER, Best Interior Design)
  • 2013 Best Book Awards, USA Book News (WINNER, Biography-Historical)
  • 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards (WINNER, Non-fiction Interior Design)
  • 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards (FINALIST, Historical Biography)
  • 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards (FINALIST, Coffee Table Book)


“This book will help the public realize just how much of a positive influence Scouting has been to Dallas.” – Jack Bunning, Executive Director, Dallas Historical Society

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book_scout-pThe Scouting Party

by David C. Scott

Set in the Progressive Era so dominated by President Theodore Roosevelt, The Scouting Party tells the story of the strong-minded and at times conflicting individuals, including Roosevelt, who shaped the Boy Scouts of America as it was founded a century ago in 1910 and took shape within a few years.

The Scouting Party examines in particular the role of British-Canadian naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton, whose trailblazing Woodcraft Indians strongly influenced the British founder of Scouting, General Robert Baden-Powell. Seton became the intellectual mainspring of the Boy Scouts of America in its formative years. But BSA organizers preferred Baden-Powell s more conventional model to Seton s vision of a youth movement based on the culture and values of the American Indian.

Seton, well known to Americans for his best-selling book, Wild Animals I Have Known, and his vivid lectures on wildlife, found himself increasingly at odds with BSA management between 1910 and 1915 over issues of organizational philosophy. He also clashed frequently with Dan Beard, an illustrator for Mark Twain and founder of the Sons of Daniel Boone, a rival to the Seton Indians, over precedence in the field. Seton and Beard both wrangled with BSA Executive Secretary James E. West, who arbitrated their frequent wrangles while keeping BSA solvent as the organization rapidly expanded.

The exuberant personality of U.S. senior statesman Theodore Roosevelt looms large throughout The Scouting Party as an influential early patron and at times critic of BSA as it embraced pacifism in the initial years of the First World War. Upon U.S. entry into the conflict in 1917, however, BSA threw itself behind the war effort, in the process becoming a quintessential American institution.

Awards List

  • 2010 Best Book Awards, USA Book News (Winner, Historical Biography)
  • 2011 International Book Awards (Winner, Historical Biography)
  • 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards (Finalist, Historical Biography)


”My cup-runneth-over with admiration for Scott and Murphy’s The Scouting Party. The amount of primary research conducted by the authors is deeply impressive. But, even more importantly, they remind us that Boy Scouts has been a whooping one hundred year success. Consider this scholarly book a gift to America.” — Douglas Brinkley, author of The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America

”Be Prepared! David C. Scott and Brendan Murphy have unsheathed their machetes and blazed a trail through the thickets of the fierce (and strangely delicate) masculine ideals that created the Boy Scouts. The story, with its subtexts of Anglo-Saxon superiority, chivalry, clean living, and military preparedness, explains much about the rough-rider ethos of American life in the early twentieth century. And for their handling of the colossal egos at the center of the story, the authors deserve merit badges in humor and fair play.” — Patricia O’Toole, author of When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt after the White House and The Five of Hearts: An Intimate Portrait of Henry Adams and His Friends

The Scouting Party is part history, part detective narrative as it uncovers and catalogues in rich detail the jealousies, intrigues, and earnest efforts of the men who created the Boy Scouts. Through careful research and vivid descriptions, Scott and Murphy have told a story that is fundamentally and uniquely American.” — Candice Millard, author of The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey

”[The Scouting Party] makes the perfect gift for any Scouting enthusiast as the organization launches into its second century.” — Scouting Magazine, Boy Scouts of America

The Scouting Party brings Scouting’s founders to life.” — Eagle Scout Magazine, The National Eagle Scout Association, Boy Scouts of America

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book_we-areWe Are Americans, We Are Scouts

by David C. Scott

We Are Americans, We Are Scouts is a superb collection of carefully selected motivational anecdotes and quotations from Theodore Roosevelt, the first and only Chief Scout Citizen of the Boy Scouts of America. Using words and stories from Roosevelt’s remarkable and influential life, Mr. Scott masterfully connects the wisdom, wit, and personal moral values of one of America’s greatest presidents to the fundamental principles of Scouting.

We Are Americans, We Are Scouts is the perfect portable companion and reference book for Scouts, leaders, and speakers. It is for those wishing to rediscover and renew the Scouting spirit in all of us. This book is an outstanding personal and program resource for use in any setting to show and celebrate the significance of our national heritage and the timeless values of Scouting.


“Every American should read this collection of Theodore Roosevelt’s thoughts. If every young person lived these principles, each of them would be highly successful and our nation would be a great deal stronger.” — Ross Perot

“I believe that We Are Americans, We Are Scouts will be a valuable resource in emphasizing and promoting the values of Scouting.” — James L. Tarr, Chief Scout Executive (Retired), Boy Scouts of America

“David C. Scott masterfully describes the Scouting way of life and connects it to the ideals of President Theodore Roosevelt, including the stewardship of our country’s natural resources. This book demonstrates the need for the timeless values the Boy Scouts of America has to offer and its ability to transform young men into ethical, responsible leaders who understand the importance of serving others and strengthening our country.” — The Honorable Pete Sessions, House of Representatives

“David C. Scott has brought together the man and the birth of a movement whose ideals span the century between their times and ours. Indeed, this is the philosophy that gave rise to the Greatest Generation and can make each succeeding generation great.” — Judge Nathan E. White, Jr., President General, 2006 to 2007, National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

“I truly wish I [could] place this book in the hands of every American young person between the ages of 10 and 18”. — Steve Van Buskirk, Youth and Special Projects, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States

“What wonderful nuggets of Americanism, citizenship, patriotism, service, and duty to our God and country.” — Michael D. Buss, Assistant Director, Americanism and Children & Youth Division, The American Legion

“We Are Americans, We Are Scouts embodies the principles of true Americanism, and a copy should be available in the library of every troop!” — Joe E. Harris, Jr., Executive Director, National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

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